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Christian Business Insights

Jun 25, 2018

Words are important.  In a business, the creation of a set of words to describe important elements of the business and it's face to the customers is a serious and important task.  Here's why and how.

Jun 18, 2018

Many Christian business people think that their business is basically a secular entity that is designed to make money.  While it should make money, that is only the beginning of what a Christian business can be.  It can be much more.  Consider what the Bible has to say about the role of a...

Jun 11, 2018

Church on Sunday is one thing, and business on Monday is something else. Right?  

Wrong.  In the Bible, work, and business, are the primary places we express our Christianity, expand the Kingdom, and build a relationship with God and the people around us.   

Jun 5, 2018

There is a common idea that spiritual gifts are only for use within the institutional church environment.  That's not what God thinks.  In one of the earliest examples of spiritual gifts, God empowers a craftsman with supernatural powers to build the furnishings for the temple, and the Arc of the Covenant.  What's the...