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Christian Business Insights

Aug 27, 2018

Your business is an appointment from God.  He has given you a task  -- a good work -- that he created just for you.  

Aug 20, 2018

Biblical businesses, or households, had a significant role in expanding and solidifying the early Christian movement.  The Bible demonstrates a spirituality in business that few in the religious community recognize.  Your business has that same potential to become a spiritual juggernaut, not just a means to make money. ...

Aug 13, 2018

Our contemporary religious culture often holds business in low regard – it is, to some, a second-class Christian occupation whose only function is to provide money for them. That’s not how the Bible portrays it.  Take a look at what the Bible has to say about business making money and building wealth.


Aug 6, 2018

Suppose you were to create the next big initiative for your business -- "Create a greater impact for the Kingdom."  Is such a thing possible?

It's not only possible, it's part of the Godly design for your business.  A business in a unique ministry that is destined to: 

    *  facilitate a relationship with God.

    * ...