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Christian Business Insights

Oct 29, 2018

Christians are expected to be generous to the poor and needy.  But, is that responsibility to help the poor and needy confined to individuals?  Does a Christian business have a responsibility to help the poor and needy, separate and apart from that of the individuals who own, run, or work in the business?

Oct 22, 2018

God uses our businesses as devices to nudge us closer to Him and to build the attitudes and practices that enable our next step up the spiritual growth continuum.  Hear how this played out in my life.         

Oct 15, 2018

For much of my Christian life, I've struggled with the idea that I was a second-class Christian.  Since I wasn't in the 'full-time ministry' I would never quite measure up.  This paradigm has caused incalculable harm to the Kingdom.  Explore it with me.