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Christian Business Insights

Apr 30, 2019

Throughout the Bible, the people of God who were business people were invariably excellent at their business. Yet, much of our contemporary Christian culture expects mediocrity from Christian organizations.  Should a Christian business strive for excellence, and, if so, what does that look like?


Apr 22, 2019

As employers, we’re torn between wanting a good employee to stay forever, and celebrating his/her growth when they leave. It’s an example of the age-old conflict between stewardship and shepherding.   What’s the ideal position to hold?

Apr 15, 2019

Most Christians are woefully misinformed when it comes to understanding the role of business people in the Kingdom. They often have misconceptions about what is expected from a Christian in business.  As a result, they compartmentalize business from their Christianity, and rob themselves and those around them of a more...

Apr 8, 2019

Christian-owned businesses have a huge potential to impact their communities.  But, ‘business as usual’ will not help you realize that potential. In order to nudge your business in the direction of becoming a Kingdom business, you’ll need to build these three practices into your business routines.

Apr 1, 2019

Too many people think that Christianity and sales as a profession don’t mix.  In my life I’ve found that they do, but it isn’t easy.  Join with me as I reflect on the challenge of being a Christian sales person.