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Christian Business Insights

Jun 28, 2022

I’m afraid for the future of our country. I’m afraid because I believe that the discipline of thinking before we act – in every circumstance and level of society -- is rapidly disappearing.  In its place, we are witnessing a whole host of alternatives. It is like thousands of years of human development has been...

Jun 21, 2022

In my 30 years of practice, I’ve interacted with thousands of executives and owners, and engaged with tens of thousands of B2B salespeople. The overwhelming majority have been lulled by moderate success to a place where they are hesitant to pursue excellence, weary of reaching for their potential, tentative about...

Jun 14, 2022

The recent Disney debacle holds a lesson for Christian business people. Let’s look past the message to the actions which gave rise to it.

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Jun 7, 2022

There are millions of Christians and seekers in the marketplace who are hesitant to step out and express their faith.  All many of them need is for someone to go first.

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