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Christian Business Insights

Dec 29, 2020

A few decades ago, the culture in the US could objectively be described as ‘predominantly Christian influenced.”  In the past 30 or so years, that has changed dramatically.  As I am writing this, in the Fall of 2020, we have seen cultural trends come to a head:  increased lawlessness; disrespect for authority, institutions and one another; abandonment of principles of rational thinking and the rule of law, among others.

          It is common to blame others:  partisan politicians, the death of objective journalism, left-wing college professors and teachers to name a few.  And, while all of these have contributed to the mess we’re in, there is one factor that few people have acknowledged:  US!

          I’d like for us to consider this question:  Has our mindless acceptance of the division and separation fostered by the institutional church system substantially contributed to the mess we’re in?