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Christian Business Insights

Sep 17, 2018

Our contemporary Western Christian Culture has so thoroughly occupied our beliefs that we can’t even conceive of asking some really obvious questions. Here are three questions that you probably have never thought about, but that could impact your Christianity

Sep 10, 2018

Business was designed by God to be the place where mankind exercised it's creativity to add ever more complex layers of sophistication to the base of creation.  You've probably never thought of your business or your career this way.  See what the Bible has to say.

Sep 3, 2018

In an environment where work/home balance is a constant challenge, the Bible sheds some interesting and unexpected light on the subject.  Let's unpack what the Bible has to say about it.  

Aug 27, 2018

Your business is an appointment from God.  He has given you a task  -- a good work -- that he created just for you.  

Aug 20, 2018

Biblical businesses, or households, had a significant role in expanding and solidifying the early Christian movement.  The Bible demonstrates a spirituality in business that few in the religious community recognize.  Your business has that same potential to become a spiritual juggernaut, not just a means to make money. ...